Before Mine Site Reclamation

Before Mine Site ReclamationAfter Mine ClosureAfter Mine Closure

1) Compliance Monitoring Program Design, Implementation and Management

Drawing on its many years of experience in environmental project planning and permitting, BZ Environmental Consulting will design a comprehensive and cost effective monitoring program suited to your requirements and budget. We can also audit your existing program to ensure that you are meeting your needs without incurring unnecessary costs or liabilities. Our audits allow streamlining, which reduces costs significantly and improves the quality of the watershed monitoring.

A unique option that we offer is the management of your compliance monitoring program. BZ Environmental consulting will manage your compliance and environmental monitoring at a fraction of your costs. Our services range from complete management to senior level input. Let us help you help “your bottom line”. We will design a package that is right for you.

2) Mine Closure Plan Development, Implementation, Management, Updates and Audits

Closure planning is a mandatory component of any mine plan and is required as part of the permit application process in most jurisdictions. BZ Environmental Consulting has extensive experience in developing, updating, auditing and implementing closure plans. We have always recognized the need to address post-closure environmental and rehabilitation requirements as early as possible and preferably prior to the design of any particular facilities. BZ Environmental Consulting’s objective is to provide services to active, inactive and abandoned mine sites and tailings facilities. We can also help active sites reduce their liability by developing a pro-active approach to closure at the existing but unrequired facilities.

3) Senior Level Environmental Project Input

With more than 20 years of experience, BZ Environmental Consulting can provide senior, strategic and technical input to any project that may have environmental implications.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA4) Due Diligence Inspection Audits

We can help you identify environmental liabilities and responsibilities you may be facing when buying an industrial property that may potentially be contaminated. BZ will perform phase 1 & phase 2 site assessment & study, investigate and sample the soil and groundwater to determine contamination levels.

5) Environmental Permit Acquisition

BZ Environmental Consulting has extensive project permitting and environmental planning experience. We have developed environmental management plans, environmental assessments and permit application documents for numerous operations. With our experience and credibility, we have been successful in acquiring the necessary permits from local, regional, provincial and federal government officials. Most projects require numerous permits and licenses before and federal government officials. Most projects require numerous permits and licenses before and during operations; BZ Environmental Consulting can manage this process for you for projects of all sizes.

6) Stakeholder Communication

BZ Environmental Consulting specializes in communication. We recognize that the key to the success of ANY project is communication. Effective communication will ensure that regulatory approvals are issued, garner employee support and ascertain public acceptance of any project. Let BZ Environmental Consulting develop a stakeholder/government communication plan that is right for you. From coordinating and/or supporting public forums through your application for permits, to writing your reports, we do it all.

pondbz7) Site Reclamation – Turnkey

BZ Environmental Consulting offers turnkey site reclamation services. Utilizing our extensive experience in site reclamation, we can take your project and return it to nature. Our plans are flexible enough to meet your needs yet innovative enough to ensure your project will exceed your expectations.

If you have a waste wood pile, abandoned mine, unused tailings facility, a landfill site or anything no longer required, let us develop a plan for you to return it to nature!

8) Impact and Risk Assessment

BZ Environmental Consulting has recognized that in today’s business climate, there is an increased importance for companies to define, quantify and understand the environmental risks associated with current and future operations. Assessments are necessary to understand the environmental impacts associated with development of an exploration property, new mine, or industry facility and are a basic requirement of the permitting process throughout the world.

9) Waste Stream Management

Do you know everything you need to know about your waste streams? If you are like most companies, the answer is “no”. There are a multitude of opportunities to save money, be more efficient and more environmentally responsible. Let BZ Environmental Consulting audit your waste stream and recommend a plan for you.

10) Indoor Outdoor Air Quality Monitoring

Do you know what is in the air in and around your facility? Let BZ Environmental Consulting answer that question for you. We can design, implement or audit all of your air monitoring requirements.

sgx5-downstream-pond.jpg11) Environmental Project Management

Our goal:

Provide our clients with the efficient and comprehensive management of their environmental projects – no matter how large or small!

BZ Environmental Consulting Project Management Services range from construction supervision, QA/QC, to turnkey operations. Our ability to meet targets, control budgets, ensure quality work, assist in planning and permitting and training is demonstrated through a proven track record of projects in the mining industry. If you are constructing a treatment pond, a spillway or capping a shaft, consider our commitment to you – to do the job efficiently, effectively, on time and on budget.

12) Development of Environmental Management Systems

At the heart of any successful environmental program is an Environmental Management System (EMS). This system will document all legislated and self-imposed requirements. A proper EMS serves as an invaluable auditing and training tool. It can also lend itself well to 3rd Party Verification. Let our experience develop a plan that works for you, no matter what business you`re in!

13) Environmental Investigations

What went wrong? How can we fix it? How can we ensure that it doesn’t happen again? These are questions that are asked almost daily. Let BZ Environmental Consulting answer these for you with your environmental situations. Drawing on 20+ years of experience, BZ Environmental Consulting will investigate, report and recommend a course of action a course of action to help you solve your environmental problems.

14) Environmental Audits

BZ Environmental Consulting will perform a site-wide environmental audit of your property to identify any potential hazards, liabilities or cost savings.

If you are planning to sell, purchase or refinance commercial, residential or industrial property, do you know what your liabilities are as a purchaser, seller or financier? A property with unidentified environmental liabilities may have limitations in property use and future value. BZ Environmental Consulting can complete Phase I, II & III Environmental Site Assessments as well as Property Condition Assessments.

A Phase I Environmental Site Assessments will identify potential environmental liabilities through inspection and historical review. A Phase II & III Environmental Site Assessment will confirm, quantify and delineate the potential liabilities with on-site testing.

15) Wildlife Enhancement and Mitigation Strategies

BZ Environmental Consulting is experienced in enhancing wildlife habitat and mitigating potential impacts to wildlife and ecological systems. We have designed habitat enhancements for wildlife which often cost less than existing closure and reclamation plans. Examples of work completed include enhancing/creating bat, moose, caribou, and waterfowl habitats. BZ Environmental Consulting will assess your property and recommend strategies to meet your budget, operational and environmental requirements.

16) Baseline Environmental Studies

A baseline environmental study can be the key to future site development and permitting. BZ Environmental Consulting provides a comprehensive baseline monitoring service which helps to develop an understanding of the existing local physical, chemical, and ecological environments. The baseline study will develop a valuable database of information for acquisition of permits for future and/or existing operations and to fulfill regulatory requirements.

Through our experience, BZ Environmental Consulting has become intimately familiar with the national, provincial and local government authorities. This will allow the design, development and completion of a thorough and comprehensive baseline study for your project.

17) Regulatory Compliance Audits

Do you know what all your environmental requirements are? Their frequency? Their reporting requirements? Are you sure that you are covering all of them and doing so as efficiently as you can?

If you are like most companies, you probably answered no to one or more of the above questions. Let BZ Environmental Consulting complete a Regulatory Compliance Audit for your facility to give you peace of mind.

110 Helen Bedroom Ceiling 318) Applied Microbial Assessment and Water Damage Consulting

Whether you are a property owner, remediation contractor or insurance company/adjuster, BZ Environmental Consulting can provide you an independent, comprehensive third party investigation, identification and mitigation of any mould contamination or water damage. We are experts in the field and are certified and recognized by the IICRC. We provide detailed assessments for mould contamination, remedial scope of work development, sample collection, mould identification etc.